KnowHow Trade marketing package covers the pillars of marketing the client’s products through the value chain and at the point of sale, i.e. the store. Consider it the thought of creating a demand for your products across the channel and before it reaches the consumer. Focusing on sales fundamentals and supporting sales forces with well-designed fundamental enhancement plans, such as distribution channels, display, promotional activities, and cost calculations. With data and knowledge of sales fundamentals, KnowHow trade marketing package will develop a market strategy aligned with brand strategy, in order to deliver sales volume and value.

Developing a market research study by collecting data and opinions from its targets, discovering the needs of the market, the level of competition, strategies used, current prices, and current trends. KnowHow market research study can give the client comprehensive insights into opportunities and threats to the project, as well as helping make informed decisions (investment/abandoning the project, etc.).

Developing emailer or newsletter automation software.

Developing a list of the best distribution channels for the target product range depends on the product nature and qualities. KnowHow will also provide a listing guide for the number of products that should be available onshelf in the first phase access and the following phases, taking into consideration the customers behavior, customers feedback, retailers feedback and the pricing methods.

Developing a visibility plan for related brand/s including the brand positioning location, shelf share, planogram, primary visibility option, secondary visibility options, and visibility elements.

A promotional plan is a process of optimizing the utilization of marketing tools, strategies, resources to promote a product and service with the intent to generate demand and meet the set objectives. KnowHow will provide a full promotional plan includes the full-year promotional activities that covers all the main big events in the regain, planning promotion methods & quantities, designing promotion packaging & promotion visibility elements, proposing the best promo prices, and calculating the total activities’ cost.

Developing a full year tasting and sampling plan individually or to support the promotional plan, includes sampling methods, sampling custom design, sampling stand design, FOC calculation, and sampling cost.

Providing monthly or yearly full social media posting plan that covers 3 posts weekly with designing and writing content for these posts (Picture format only) in 3 languages (English, Arabic, and Turkish), planning & developing social media promotion campaigns, and social media boosting strategy.

Set the total A&P (advertising and promotion) budget needed and the cost required to perform all the previous activities.

P&L management refers to how a company handles its P&L statement through revenue and cost management. KnowHow will handle the development of the profit and loss (P&L) statement that summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specified period

Planning and forecasting the shipment target for all the listed products depends on the distribution channels, stores availability, items listed in the stores, visibility elements, promotional quantity, and FOC calculations.

Planning and forecasting the sales target for all the listed products based on the distribution channels, stores’ availability, items listed in the stores, visibility elements, promotional quantity, and FOC calculations.

Consolidating and developing all the previous (A&P) & (P&L) costing and budgeting including the shipment and sales target in one sheet formulated.

Developing a brand scorecard that has monthly sales report including all the information needed for the company to support the measurement of the plan success i.e. (monthly sales comparison, top 10 SKU sales, category analysis, top 10 competitors, etc.)

Providing trade marketing KPIs linked to the sales team to measure the performance. i.e.:
• Active customer base – distribution, sales outlets
• Frequency of orders from the stores
• Share trade shelf
• Fullness on trade shelf
• Regular presence of must stock
• Right representation planograms
• Accommodation POS
• Additional space for products of company
• Lack of OOS
• Knowledge about the product in sales outlets

Running 2 to 5 days workshops for the client to teach Trade Marketing processes, the usage of toolkits developed along with sharing guidelines with employees to improve their skills in terms of trade marketing

Developing one platform to overview and manage all the marketing activities. i.e. (track the promotion quantity per store as per the plan, manage and track GRVs, track the listing process, visibility rental contracts, managing instore sampling approvals, etc.)

Developing emailer or newsletter automation software.