KnowHow brand building package will define the process for the company to create or improve the customers’ knowledge and opinions about relevant brand/s through the brand combination of name, logo, color, design, and theme or combination of these all elements. Brand building will support creating the brand identity of relevant products and services and differentiate the client / brand from competitors in the market.

Developing the brand purpose: Why the brand exists in terms of its commercial, social / community, philosophical missions.

Developing the brand positioning: As a guiding and market positioning statement as well as a set of milestones that the brand is required to achieve over a period of time in order to credibly live up to its brand promise.

Creating or developing the brand name: A name that is used for the brand and the development of the brand logo.

Developing and planning the customer journey: A map of the core brand communications, service and graphic touch points across typical journeys that core audiences will experience the brand – this is a blueprint of what the brand uses in terms of both linguistics as well as design and media tools in order to communicate to its core audiences.

Developing or creating creative mood boards: A set of creative mood boards that help to illustrate potential routes for branding through a collection of carefully curated visual styles.

Developing or creating a brand logo from scratch, including (logotype, symbol, parameters, applications, and logo languages in English, Arabic, and Turkish)

Creating and developing the colors palette, photography style (for both brand and product), typography, grid and structure (the graphic system), Patterns, illustrations and other key graphic elements, etc.

Developing a complete plan of all categories, range and product SKUs.

Defining formats and types of packaging.

Developing design language, labels and artwork.

Designing and developing artwork of marketing brochure in English, Arabic, or Turkish to print and production ready state with print proofs

Designing and creating business stationery artwork ,and templets for advertising.

Developing or creating full brand guidelines and with explanation of the usage of it.

Collaterals Included

Business Card



Official letter

Complement slip

Continuation sheet

Digital banners


Flag banners


Gift bag

Gift items

Magazine ad


Mob poster

Press ad

Rollup banner

Social media post

Ppt. presentation

Packaging design

Website architecture

Website content

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