KnowHows’ KPIs & Performance Management Package includes diverse scorecards based on the needs of business all of which are standardized and can be customized upon the needs of the client, which can be explored through blueprint analysis of existing performance management in the organization. In addition to relative packages, subject driven workshops are offered for users to get best out of the scorecards with clear understanding of usage and interpretation of results.

Reviewing and analyzing the existing KPIs through investigation of benchmarks in practice with their review, analysis and action process to explore where the organization stands, where needs to reach, and how

Offering a corporate level standardized scorecard which enables top management to analyze all business functions, countries, or regions over same KPIs while benchmarking can be customized upon the needs of business.

Offering a standardized demand planning and forecasting scorecard which is easy to use and apply for any kind of product, product families and/or brand to ensure forecasting is underconcrete review of analysis based on benchmarks set upon the circumstances of target brand or product groups

Offering critical KPIs and benchmarks for the optimization of inventory and regular track of stock levels. While standardized KPIs are part of package, customization can be done based on the structure and characteristics of stock

Offering a standardized KPIs and benchmarks to measure the efficiency of warehouse and its effectiveness from the point of utilization the capacity based on the needs of business and sales performance of products

Enabling to measure suppliers’ performance from different perspectives, including but not limited to lead time accuracy, OTIF%, product quality, health & safety standards, etc., with being able to customized at the supplier level needs

Offering critical indicators via CHI which enables the organization to track and monitor customers’ happiness, satisfaction, loyalty and retention from different dimensions that enables organization to take required measures to maximize customers’ engagement to organization

Being able to track all social media activities’ performance and ROI to investment made so far, which undertakes a compass role for the marketing team to invest inmost efficient channel for high ROI

Offering a complete dashboard for category and/or brand managers to follow the performance of relative trade marketing activities from start to end based on  customized benchmarks that can be tailored upon the needs of business

Offering customer service, logistics optimization and transportation focused KPIs and benchmarks for organizations

Developing Category-focused KPIs with relative dashboard for regular review an  analysis. KPIs include but not limited to GMROI, ABC (Activity based costing), Sales Coversion Rate, Averge Transation Rate.

Upon the needs of the client, running 2 to 5 days workshops for each package with clear guidance of using packages in efficient and effective way.