KnowHow S&OP Package offers clients to create a well structured, strategy driven, and consensus-based sales and operations planning process, which will drive organization’s key functional areas, including sales, marketing, manufacturing/distribution, supply chain and finance. It will be the main platform for cross-functional collaboration across the departments. The package includes blueprint of existing process, strategic goal setting, development of customized S&OP process, team building & leadership development, pilot work, launch of S&OP across the organization, and training workshops with sharing templates of documents. Upon request, cycle observation services can be provided to ensure S&OP is run as developed, with offering S&OP solutions for advance level S&OP users

Clearly understanding existing sales and operations planning process run through the organization with special emphasis on all relative departments that need to part of existing/new S&OP process, driving existing flow chart, summarizing Pros and Cons and exploring GAP

Setting up meetings with top management/ responsible director(s) to clearly understand and short list main expectations from S&OP with setting SMART goals to be reach once S&OP is in practice

Re-structuring / structuring a customized S&OP process with synchronizing strategic goals and existing work force

Shortlisting key decision makers who must be part of S&OP process with required responsibilities and decision making accountabilities, recommending S&OP champ who will moderate and organize the process with leading all communications across the departments

Creating S&OP cycle based on product characteristics and features (shelf life, seasonality, lead time, etc.), supplier expectations and relations, work structure of departments to ensure best-fit cycle for high ROI

Implementing S&OP for specific product group(s) or function(s) to shortlist takeaways, observing results and exploring areas of improvement if needed

Upon the results of pilot work, launching S&OP across the organization with ensuring each relative function implementing new S&OP process as is structured

Running 1 to 3 days S&OP workshop for relative stakeholders within the organization to ensure clear understating of process set up. Providing all required S&OP documents, excel forms and communication sheets with clarifying the ways of using them by related departments

Upon request of the client, joining S&OP cycles from 3 to 6 months as a moderator to observe existing progress with sharing takeaways and areas of improvement

For clients who already standardized the S&OP process and work in an optimal way, the next step is to automate the process, then KnowHow can develop a best-fit system requirement process to choose the right software that will meet the client’s needs at optimal level, with leading the implementation part of the software