Project Budget Management Toolkit


The project budget management toolkit is designed for recording how much you will be spending  on a monthly basis through the entire project.

The column labels (Jan-21, Feb-21, etc.) are arbitrary, but you could change them as per the period of project you refer to.

Income and Expenses categories can be filled based on the structure of your project. Before starting the project it is essential to fill the Starting Balance (D5) value which will help to observe the Net Income and Project End Balance through the project.


You can add or remove columns, depending on the length of your project. When adding columns, copy an existing column and insert the copied column. This will help ensure that the subtotal formulas are copied correctly. Check the formulas in the Total column to make sure the that SUM() formulas reference the correct range of cells.

When adding new rows, copy an existing row and insert the copied row, so that the formulas in the blue and red Total columns are copied also. Always check the formulas for the Subtotals to ensure that the SUM() formula is referencing the correct range of cells.

Any time you add or remove a major category, you will need to update the formulas for the Total Income and Total Expenses, to make sure that the Total correctly adds all the appropriate category subtotals.

After adding new categories to the bottom of the worksheet, you may need to redefine the print area to include the new rows. (File > Print Area > Set Print Area)

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