Leadership Performance Index



This assessment is based on a Plan, Do, Measure, Learn cycle
The questions are based on the key ingredients to ensure managers in your organization are enabled to
deliver good performance

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Completing the assessment
The leader and team members should complete the assessment individually or as a team
Enter the individual or team name in cell B2, then complete the assessment in order, only scoring in
column C at the Assessment sheet
Rate each statement according to the scoring below
1 Strongly disagree
2 Somewhat disagree
3 Neutral
4 Somewhat agree
5 Strongly agree
Add comments in Comments sheet (one per line) as required, starting on line A5.
Review and Action
To print each assessment, print the Assessment sheet (3 pages) and the Comments sheet (1 page)
Compile an average score for the team
Compile all comments and determine common themes/issues
Develop an action plan to address any areas that require attention to improve the overall performance
culture of your organization

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