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KnowHow – Career Path Toolkit helps you to develop your employee & career path by considering his/her current position, 1-3 year target, 3-5 year target and end goal with setting relevant target at the Input sheet This assessment is based on a SWOT Analysis and recommended skill sets that can be changed based on the requirements of related position The Inputs Sheet is the main area to insert your organization name, department name, date, and employees details The Career Path Sheet is the outcome section will reflect the results of SWOT Analysis and other actions completed in the Inputs Sheet The Comments Sheet to be filled by only Line manager

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Completing the SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis, the center of Career Path Toolkit, should be completed by the employee and his/her line
manager separately
1) The employee to set his/her own goal that s/he would like to reach with writing the target
position into the position category in the Input Sheet while same practice to be made by his/her
Line manager as the potential that seen in the employee
2) Then the SWOT analysis section to be filled within four categories with taking the advantages of
questions shared below:
2.1) Strengths:
Employee Line Manager
What do you do well? What does your team member do well?
What unique resources can you draw on? What unique resources can your team member draw on?
What do others see as your strengths? What do others see as his/her strengths?
2.2) Weakness:
Employee Line Manager
What could you improve? What could your team member improve?
What do you have fewer resources than others? What does he/she have fewer than others?
What are others likely to see your weakness? What are others likely to see as his/her weakness?
2.3) Opportunities:
Employee Line Manager
What opportunities are open to you? What opportunities are open to him/her?
What trends could you take advantage of? What trends could s/he take advantage of?
How can you turn your strengths into opportunities? How can s/he turn his/her strengths to opportunities?
2.4) Threats:
Employee Line Manager
What threats could harm you? What threats could harm him/her?
What is your competition doing? What is his/her colleagues having similar role doing
better? What threats do your weakness expose you? What threats could his/her weakness expose him/her?
It is recommended to not exceed 3 to 4 outcome for each section within the SWOT analysis.

3) While SWOT analysis completed, the next is to complete the “Skills to Develop” section. We
offered 10 key skills that are well required in general, but feel free to revise them as per the
needs of position or industry. This section is to be filled based on existing performance with
rating from 1 to 5 and the goal that would like to reach as target score by employee and Line
manager separately.
Review and Action
Once the employee completes the form, review and then submit to the HR department / Line manager
for the next step of arranging a meeting
The Line manager to compare and review the outcomes of SWOT analysis made by the employee and
him/her-self with filling the Comments Sheet
Once the Line manager fills the Comments Sheet as an action plan addressing the employee & Strengths,
Weakness, Opportunities, Threats and
Skills to Develop, then the employee to be called for meeting to address Career Path with his/her Line

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